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Dr.Sailaja Sreejith


MBBS, FIAP, DCH,Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and child psychology

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Dr.Sailaja Sreejith, Pediatric consultant at Subhadra Clinics,

Senior Consultant Pediatrician, Developmental pediatrician


Comprehensive pediatric care
New born follow up
Developmental assessment of all babies and especially high risk babies
Early intervention if there is any delay High risk babies include preterm babies, low birth weight babies, babies who had problems during delivery(birth asphyxia), who needed ventilation, babies who were admitted in NICU for hypoxia, Shock, Sepsis, meningitis (brain fever), hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), severe Jaundice and congenital Malformations
Diagnosis and management of autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, developmental delays,
Intellectual disabilities, speech delays, disorders, motor delays, learning disabilities and behavioral issues.
Adolescent development and behavioral issues


Neurodevelopmental chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics
Indian Academy of Pediatrics
Indian Medical Association