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The most trusted online appointment scheduling platform in India empowering users to practice social distancing when they have to avail medical services. The most sought after solutions such as online appointment scheduling, queue and token solution, prescription, pathology lab test can be an easily accessible on this Android Application.

Be just in time for your turn be it at Clinical appointment or video consultation. Your medical consultation with the doctor is confidential and best of data protection measures, compliant. BOOKNMEET helps you request consultation, with consultants for your entire family members too.
Appointment scheduling, token, prescription, pathology lab test, invoice, health packages all in one well structured utility mobile app from BOOKNMEET.
BOOKNMEET does not replace the primary care physician, is not an insurance product, and may not be able to substitute for traditional in-person consultaiton / medical advice, in every case or for every condition.
We take your privacy seriously, read privacy policy, video consultation policy.