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Dr.Usha Sasidharan



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Dr.Usha Sasidharan, Physician consultant at Subhadra Clinics,

Dr Usha has been working as Medical Officer and as Paediatrician at VSSC, Trivandrum for the past 25 years. She has vast experience in managing all types of illnesses in children and in adults. While there, Dr Usha was involved with the setting up of the Diabetic Clinic and with the management thereafter. Dr Usha's expertise in the management of children with acute and chronic illnesses and with dealing with issues at school have put her in good stead in the medical team at VSSC Central School too. She has also been worked as Paediatrician at KimsHealth, Kuravankonam for the past few years and was actively involved with childhood vaccinations while there.


Indian Academy of Paediatrics
Indian Medical Association