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Bespoke Aesthetic Lasers!
Your path to Healthier Skin!
At 14twentyeight we are Aestheticians, we focus on skin health, hair health, and body health. To be in Healthy Strong Glowing Skin, your body should be in the state of reproduction of new cells every 14 to 28 days.
14twentyeight shows that skin care is meant to be consistent effort, and the coming together of systematic steps and repeating routines.
We are a local Skincare start up with eight years of hands-on, expertise nationally and internationally in medical aesthetic treatments. We started this special unit with an ideology we believe in doing SAFE SMALL CONSISTENT progressive bespoke treatments and suggesting hyper customized CLEAN SCIENCE skin care routines to maintain 14 to 28 days of cell renewal rate to have a beautiful, smooth tight, glowing skin.
Here we make your skin strong & healthy by keeping the your cell renewal rate between 14 to 28 days. We say, consistency compounds to give continuous meaningful improvements.
We start typically with detoxing your skin by lymph drainage, then we clean skin with hydro pen, treat specific skin condition with energy based devices and infuse antioxidants to improve the strength of skin barrier or a hydration/ nourishing mask for glowing skin.

MS in EE California Licenced Aesthetician Health Coach CIDESCO Diplomat

Dr.Swapna Priya