Fair use guidelines - BOOKNMEET

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BOOKNMEET takes great care in the development and protection of its trademarks and reserves all rights of ownership of its trademark. "Fair use" of BOOKNMEET trademarks, that is, use by a third party without express permission or license, is limited to text-only references to BOOKNMEET trademarks such as product and service names, and excludes BOOKNMEET logos. In such references, you must be truthful, must not disparage BOOKNMEET, and must not mislead the public. You must be clear and accurate as to the nature of the relationship between BOOKNMEET, Brand and your company, its products, and its services. You may not use BOOKNMEET trademarks in a manner which could cause confusion as to BOOKNMEET API Integration, affiliation or endorsement.

Except as stated above, BOOKNMEET trademark may not be used by third parties without express permission.

Proper use of BOOKNMEET trademarks reinforces their role as brands for our products and services, and helps prevent them from becoming generic names that can be used by anyone.

The first reference in text to all BOOKNMEET product names should be preceded by BOOKNMEET and followed by the proper trademark symbol

Do not use BOOKNMEET trademarks or potentially confusing variations in your internet domain name. This helps prevent internet users from being confused as to whether you or BOOKNMEET is the source of the Web site.

BOOKNMEET and the Stylized N Logo are registered in INDIA. Trade Marks Registry, Government of India at Trade Mark Registry Mumbai by Registrar of Trademarks.