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Dr.Anuprabha Aswin

Homeopathy consultant at San Jos Homeopathy,

Dr Anuprabha Aswin is a qualified & well known Homeopathic practitioner. She is having 11 years of vast experience in Homeopathy. She Graduated from government Homeopathic Medical College Calicut and done post-graduation in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She also completed post-graduation in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.


The clinic providing quality healthcare, Holistic Homeopathic treatment, Personal and Nutritional Counselling. We are specialized in Allergic diseases, Thyroid disorders, lifestyle diseases, Learning disability management, Growth issues, Obesity and Weight management etc. We also deal with Child, Adolescent, Adult, Geriatric, Educational, Career, Professional, Marriage, Family Counselling and Psychotherapy.


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