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Dr.Arun Roy James

Dentistry consultant at Kids and Teens Pediatric Dental Care,

Specialist in Pediatric and preventive dentistry. Expertise in treating children and teenagers for their dental needs more than a decade. Expert in management of jaw abnormalities, irregular teeth, forwardly placed teeth, broken teeth, oral habits, severely decayed teeth with focus on preventive dental care.


Pediatric Dentistry
Preventive Dental Care
Orthodontic Treatments for correction of irregular teeth,
Orthopedic appliances and myofunctional appliances for correction of skeletal discrepancies in children.
Pulp therapies and endodontic procedures in children with rehabilitation of anterior and posterior teeth with crowns exclusively for children
Management of traumatic injuries of teeth in children
Full mouth rehabilitation of very young and uncooperative children and special children under general anesthesia


Consultant maintain memberships / affiliation.

Member of Indian Dental Association Kochi Branch
Executive Member of Association of Pediatric and Preventive Dentists of Kerala
Member of Indian Society Of Pediatric and Preventive dentists
Member of Association of Pediatric Dentists of Kerala (APPD)

Effects of different dentinal drying methods on the adhesion of glass ionomer restorations to primary teeth