(MBBS, Diploma in Orthopedics, Master of Surgery (Orthopedics), Master of Chīrūrgia (Orthopedics))

Dr.VINCENT K CHAKKIATH,Orthopedics,Orthopedist,Orthopedic surgeon,Joint replacement surgeon,Ernakulam, Booknmeet

A surgeon with over 26 years of experience, Dr.Vincent has helped lakhs of patients in his extensive career across southern India. He has consistently ranked as one of the top surgeons in Kerala for managing Trauma, Joint replacements and Arthroscopy.
Currently he serves as a consultant surgeon to San Joe Hospital, Perumbavoor where he has been practicing since 1995 and at St.Josephs Hospital, Manjummel. He has always enjoyed working for mission hospitals that care for their patients and espoused the catholic values he was brought up with. His patients including movie stars and celebrities always marvel at his sheer commitment towards them; never refusing cases even in the dead of the night for over 20 years.

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