Janatha Homoeopathic Clinic and Research Centre

JHRC believes not simply in symptomatic relief of patients but focuses to improve the quality of their life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. A well selected Homoeopathic remedy can bring back the balance of disrupted self- curative mechanism in you, in both acute and chronic conditions. Homoeopathy, therefore, becomes the most futuristic & efficient system of medicine to cure common cold to cancer without any side effects. Final selection on remedy is based on the individualisation of the patient, which is nothing but a genetic evaluation of patient’s emotions, mental state, life style, nutrition, physical appearance, physical symptoms and all other aspects. High quality German medicines are used to ensure the best results. Advanced Homoeopathic softwares are used for analytical study. Live life to the fullest with utmost ease, because when you are at ease, you cannot have DIS - EASE