Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF Clinic

Kokoori Laparoscopy & IVF Clinic is an exclusive centre for fertility treatment and Laparoscopic surgeries . Founded by Dr Sivadas V Kokoori, an expert in the field of infertility treatment & laparscopy who has already helped thousands of couples to realize their dream of having a baby and credited with the delivery of more than 1000 babies through varoius procedures, provides dedicated infertility treatment through efficient diagnosis, state of the art medical support and gentle care.
At Kokoori Laparoscopic IVF Clinic, we are committed to provide utmost quality Medical services to our esteemed guests. We have implemented quality management system and all our treatments and services are scientifically driven. We strive to ensure high standards of quality in all our areas of activity as per NABH standards. We encourage our doctors to undergo various training programs and fellowships to sharpen their skills and update their knowledge in the field of Gynaecology Infertility. We are in the process of implementing of National Accreditation Board of Hospitals at our Clinic. We would like to go beyond our guests expectations. Technologically Advanced equipments, international standards of sterilization, Proven protocols treatments along with our highly qualified team of Doctors and service professionals provide you a safe and welcoming place to undergo your treatment.